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Joaquin Jara Paintings
_Decomposing to complete emptiness.

Joaquín Jara Barcelona, 1977 Joaquin Jara is a multidisciplinary artist. All of his aspects, from interventions in natural and urban environments to painting, sculpture, and experimental movies, converge on a common objective: -understanding the creation process of the portrait as a piece. Within the internal processes which shape a creation, we can witness a dialog between matter (used to construct), intentionality (energy that generates the work), space (in which the expression is executed), and time (the transformation element). These processes and the dialog between them generate a performance in itself, due to unexpected events, which become an existential question; overcoming thought, which is nothing compared with the image of the world captured emotionally, an image that appears as a revelation. The portrait is displayed as an object subject to internal and external forces, those of the environment, which generate constant changes. Therefore, it will be a representation of the subject processes. An instant inside a sequence of images in continuous transformation. An image saved, which does not illustrate identity, but testifies it. An image without a possible conclusion, as it resides on instability.

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Trying to dig myself out of this funk by making a mess of things and then trying to makes sense of it. 
#sketchy #sketch #sketcharoo


Trying to dig myself out of this funk by making a mess of things and then trying to makes sense of it.
#sketchy #sketch #sketcharoo

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I love this

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Caleb Hahne

While many street artists are known for signature tags or characters, Italian artist 2501′s work is instantly recognizable for an iconic pattern — an organic, zebra-like evolution of stripes that morph into various geometric forms, whether across massive walls or canvases.

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The Showing - The Scariest Meeting Ever 

Short Film directed by Koji Shiraishi

Side Note: Click the captions button to enable the English subtitles.

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ART: Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

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If you’re reading this, please don’t kill yourself. I love you & I care.



If you’re reading this, please don’t kill yourself. I love you & I care.

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OFFICIAL Music Video from the Party Worker album!!! Welcome To The Party (produced by DJ Phatrick and featuring Kayamanan ng Lahi / Margaux Sue)

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Studio Ghibli has debuted its first live-action short.

Neon Genesis Evangelion animator Shinji Higuchi has worked with the animation company to direct Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo (Kyōshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru).

The film features a giant monster attacking the Japanese capital and serves as a prequel to Ghibli classic Nausicaä.
Narrated by a young woman (Megumi Hayashibara), a strange glowing phenomenon heralds the arrival of the alien creature which dwarfs the city.

Ghibli director and co-founder Hayao Miyazaki provided the design for the short’s monster.
This is the first time the company has been involved with a live-action project.

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This is not about personal preference. My feelings about the people on this list range from adoration to indifference to disgust. But none of these people had as positive reaction as Laverne Cox and Lupita Nyong’o did. In fact, many of them actually have a higher percentage of “no” than “yes”. With the exception of Benedict Cumberbatch, Laverne Cox received more reactions than anybody else, AND she has one of the highest “yes” percentages of anybody on the voting list.

So what is the point of voting, if the results of the voting don’t matter? We were told to vote for who we believed should be on the list, we did, and two of the people who received the most affirmative votes were not included.

So what was the point? Did you include them in the voting as some sort of kick-back, or an attempt to placate their fans, without any intention of including them? You included Megyn Kelly in a list entitled “pioneers”, and yet Laverne Cox has done more pioneering for the rights and interests of trans women than Megyn Kelly has ever done. You included two men who run dictatorships and commit human right violations routinely, people in media who haven’t really done anything spectacular within their fields, two politicians who had overwhelmingly negative reactions and…the Koch brothers?

Perhaps you had other criteria for the title “influential”. Perhaps a trans woman who campaigns for the rights and awareness of issues relating to trans women (one of the most denigrated groups in the world) didn’t meet that standard. Perhaps being awarded several humanitarian-related awards and being the key note speaker at several events wasn’t enough. Perhaps a woman who dares to speak out about these issues at the risk of her very identity being derided and attacked, because she wants to make her community better and she wants to help young girls just like her accept themselves and grow up in a better world just wasn’t influential enough for you.

And I guess a young actress who swept the awards season isn’t what you would call influential. I guess a woman who took on an emotionally trying role in a film that highlighted the atrocities on our nation’s past wasn’t good enough. A dark skinned woman who has just been deemed the most beautiful woman in the world, bringing hope and happiness to millions of black girls and women who are often insulted because of their skin—that just didn’t quite meet the same standards as being in a few films in one year. 

Or maybe, just maybe, the accomplishments of these two women challenge societal norms too much. Maybe what they have done and what they stand for is too uncomfortable for your readership and your editor. Maybe you just think the people the Koch brothers and Rand Paul influence are more important than the people Laverne and Lupita influence.

And that is a damn shame.

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Peter Joseph on structural violence, from this video.